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Bringing together homeowners, that are overwhelmed with their building or renovation projects, to gain the confidence they need in their interior design decisions so that we can help them create a home that reflects their taste and lifestyle and ultimately brings them Joy.

If you are a HOMEOWNER, building or renovating a home, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make.    YOUR EPIC HOME is the affordable way to have an interior designer guide you through your project.  My site will help you make the best design decisions for your family and help you create a home that brings you joy!
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Professional interior design advice online I am a CONSTRUCTION DESIGN SPECIALIST and over the last 30 years, I’ve expertly guided homeowners through the, often stressful, design process of  building or renovating.

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IMAGINE living in a home that is both beautiful and functional for your family's busy lives, a relaxing oasis that you are proud to welcome guests into.  This dream can become reality and I can help!



YOUR EPIC HOME is a monthly subscription site where I teach you all I know about making design selections for your project.  I'm talking about the exact way I guide my one-on-one interior design clients with designing their DREAM home to fit their budget and lifestyle.



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My proven SIX step design process is the easiest way to design the home of your dreams and best of all I hold your hand the entire way.


I can't promise you a stress-free journey since building or renovating can be frustrating.  I can promise that it will be fun and that your home will be EPIC!  

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Learn what hundreds of other homeowners already know about the value of having me by their side when designing their home.